Companies are required by law to file their annual returns with CIPC within a certain period and financial statements are to be submitted within XBRL format.

The daily pressures and responsibilities of business operations can distract from this crucial process. Acorim offers XBRL conversions services, making sure that your annual returns are timeous and painless, and most importantly, in the correct format.

We maintain highly quality standards thanks to our knowledge and expertise in corporate governance.


  • All Public or State-Owned companies
  • All entities whose MOI prescribes the filling of audited Financial Statements
  • All Private companies with Public Interest Score of 350 and whose AFS are compiled externally
  • All Private companies with a Public Interest Score of 100 and whose AFS are compiles internally

Is your Public Interest Score above 100? 

Is your Public Interest Score above 350? 


  • Public Interest Score is determined on a points system. Points are given for a simple set of structural and financial parameters
  • These points are added to calculate your company PI Score
  • The higher the PI Score, the higher the requirement for public accountability
  • Use our PI Score Calculator to determine what level of financial accountability reporting you need to submit

Calculate your public interest score to find out if your annual financial statements need conversion to XBRL